10 simple crochet projects

The latest in my simple knits series has just been launched and is something of a departure from the series as it is 10 simple crochet projects. Crochet is set to be a huge trend on the catwalks this season and as many people find the first steps into crochet terrifying it seems like the perfect time for such a book.

Below I have added some images by the hugely talented India Hobson that unfortunately didn’t make it. We were lucky enough to also have Orchis florists making the backgrounds for us so I have including so flowery loveliness to cheer you up in this gloomy weather.

I will hopefully be sharing other projects I have been working on shortly.

Hatton_HR_Final-4Hatton_WEB_Final-121Hatton_HR_Final-17 Hatton_WEB_Final-111Hatton_HR_Final-11 Hatton_HR_Final-2   Hatton_WEB_Final-79 Hatton_WEB_Final-82 Hatton_WEB_Final-103 Hatton_WEB_Final-65 Hatton_WEB_Final-38 Hatton_WEB_Final-33