Rowan Finest

It feels like a long time since I sat down at my desk, having been to America and on holiday to Turkey.

I won’t bore you with pictures here but there are lots on my Instagram feed – Hattonknits.

Instead I wanted to talk about the utterly delicious new Rowan Finest yarns. It is a true 4 ply yarn with a blend of merino, cashmere and royal alpaca. Anyone who knows me knows I love a classic 4 ply or DK yarn and this one is like knitting with clouds!

I found a stunning mid century house as the location as I wanted the collection to have a feel of 50s and 60s glamour.

These are some of my favourite designs.finest cover


Anita – a neat little cardigan.

finest 1

Kay – a 3/4 sleeve sweater but really I just love the red, teal and leopard print together!


Gloria – a seamless cardigan with a cheats colourwork yoke. The colourwork has a look of fairisle but is all worked with slip stitches so there is only one colour on a row.


Greta – the sister sweater of Gloria but this time with a simple textured yoke pattern.


Una- this hat and glove set have a simple texture pattern to Greta. It would be lovely to have time to make this little luxuries as Christmas gifts.


Vilma – a classic yoked sweater. I couldn’t have 60s inspired glamour without a sexy ski bunny sweater!