Rowan magazine 61

By a twist of fate I ended up both of the stories that feature in the latest Rowan magazine.

Both stories were photographed by the ever talented Moy Williams. The first story Peace was all about elegant, timeless ladies designs and was shot in an envy indusing house in London.

Essence 1_3840x5760 Celestial 1_3840x5760 Anaadi 1_5760x3840

The second story was full of family designs which is something Rowan hasn’t done for a few years. Whilst very excited in the run up to shoot and days of glorious sunshine the actual days of the shoot were some of the worst weather we had had for a while. Photographing so many people and designs on a beach whilst there was torrential rain and howling gales was almost impossible!

9W6A6446 9W6A6465 9W6A6543

Bayberry is one of my favourite designs for awhile and is currently on the needles.

HH2A7795 HH2A77609W6A7110

Beautiful designs from Martin Storey.

9W6A6962 9W6A7615 HH2A8440

Stunning atmospheric shots from Moy Williams

IMG_1048 IMG_1038 IMG_1019 (1) IMG_1011 (1) IMG_0998 (1) IMG_0996 (1) IMG_0995IMG_1021

and my photos showing the real story!